Textile hemp properties

Since a long time humans are capable of extracting the fiber from hemp and use it at their convenience. The simplest use is to make yarn and derivatived products (twine, rope, etc..) and therefore make fabrics and textiles. Let's do a summary of all hemp properties for textiles.

Hemp fiber exceptional resistance

Hemp fiber, which comes from the outside part of the hemp stalk, is the strongest natural vegetable fiber. That is why it has been used for millennia for the design of all kinds of fabrics (clothing, boat sails, etc.).

Hemp fiber does not elongate. It has one of the lowest elongation rate of all natural fibers. Hemp fabrics do not deform, do not stretch and do not shrink. An hemp clothing keeps the same shape all life.

Wet fiber is even more resistant. That is why hemp clothing does not shrink when it is washed.

Very soft hemp textiles

To the touch, hemp is different from other traditional fabrics such as cotton and linen with a soft feel. Moreover hemp has an extraordinary feature, more hemp clothing are washed more they soften. Thus hemp provides comfort and a feeling of softness to clothes.

Absorbent fibers

The hemp stem (the inside part of the stem and the fibers) is known to have a great power of absorption. It is an excellent insulator in construction because it absorbs moisture and regulates temperature. Hemp textiles are also benefiting from these qualities.

With this tremendous capacity to absorb, hemp fibers absorb the moisture released by the body and let it dry.

It is said that hemp clothing breathe. In hot weather, hemp absorbs the heat and releases it when the temperature drops. Hemp fabric regulates temperature and acts as a natural air conditioner. It cools you down in warm weather, and protects you from cold weather.

Hemp is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Hemp is a anti-bacterial and anti-mildew plant. it is naturally resistant to it and therefore does not require pesticides, insecticides or fungicides to grow, making it an all-natural and eco-friendly plant.

Using no chemicals, hemp gives healthy and high quality fibers. It has also no toxic residues, which are the cause of allergies and itching.

In addition, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal hemp properties help to reduce odors and to stay fresh.

Hemp: a natural anti-static UV protection.

It seems that hemp filter much of UV, particularly UV-B. UV-B are known to cause skin aging and promote skin cancers.

The friction of fiber hemp does not create static electricity as other fabrics do.

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