Hemp essential oil

Aromatic and therapeutic properties of hemp flower

 Hemp essential oil

Essential oil with unique therapeutic properties, it is perfect in aromatherapy, cosmetics and homeopathy.

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A relaxing and protective essential oil

Composition of essential hemp oil

Hemp essential oil is produced from flowers and stems of hemp plant. They are distilled at low pressure steam to get a high quality oil. Better is the distillation, more active components of better quality compose the oil.

Releasing and anti-inflammatory properties

Hemp essential oil is a concentrate of good properties. It is releasing and effectively slackens the body and the spirit while acting on the head and the muscles. It helps to relieve the respiratory problems like asthma. It also makes it possible to look after the eczema and the problems of skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

It is mainly for its faculty to slacken the muscles and to protect the skin that hemp essential oil is used as oil component for massages and in cosmetic products.


Hemp essential oil gives excellent results in aromatherapy. It is possible to put some drops in a diffuser, only hemp oil or in complement of other essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus.

Nothing is better than some drops in a bath to slacken and release the body.

Like all essential oils, hemp essential oil must be used per modest amount, between 3 and 5 drops, because it is a concentrate of active extracts.

US and Canada

If you live in the US or in Canada, you can buy our hemp essential oil from our partner HempAware.

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